How We Work At Pango Marketing

How We Work

Pango Marketing is a firm focused on transforming how people think about and how they experience a product, activity, company, or place. Our design philosophy is simple: create real, unique, beautiful, and compelling work. We integrate architecture, planning, technology, innovation, graphic design, and brand strategy around a clearly articulated idea. We do not have a set style as each assignment begins with thoughtful research, intelligent deduction, and collaboration with our clients in order to create a unique campaign.

The Process

We require an initial meeting to fully understand your business and vision. After carefully processing the results, we create a robust proposal against a calendar and budget. The rest of our process is not rocket science. With zeal and foresight, we will continue to seek out refreshing ideas and creative avenues that we think will best serve you.

We will not advise you to spend money on the wrong tactics; instead we’ll make the best use of your cash to create successful campaigns with a great return on investment. We continually strive to find the most creative ideas to generate revenue, gain exposure, and market share while adhering to your vision no matter what budget you have to work with.

We are known for undertaking complex, brand-driven, collaborative, multidisciplinary projects. Our work has helped clients integrate design into their strategic thinking, realize their business goals, develop memorable brands, and create value.


When entering into a relationship, cost should not be first thing that dictates the course. Our experience is deep, our philosophies are globally human and attractive, and our process — while not proprietary — is somewhat unusual and amusing. Hopefully, this makes it a fun experience for you. Our goal is to help you maintain a big business image and professionalism without breaking the bank.

We can offer you a flat fee for each tactic or we can simply arrange for a monthly engagement fee.

We’ve also been known to find creative financing options to help give companies a boost.